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We founded Azzuan in 2016, by uniting our complementary expertise, but above all our common values and our desire to explore and push our own limits. Both experts in our respective fields, we have always had a deep desire for human growth regarding its evolutionary and transformative aspect. We believe in the ability everyone has to do incredible things, accompanied by a great feeling of happiness, peace and human connection. We therefore wanted to create a platform and an approach that would allow all those involved to collaborate “as one” and bring out ideas and solutions that would go further than ever before.

Although the care center closed its doors in January 2023, the essence of its creation continues. Michel Venne will continue to share the Azzuan expertise on human optimization, through various conferences and trainings, to individuals, therapists, clinics and even companies.

Efi Polikratis CPA, CA et Michel Venne, D.O., certified coach

Our mission is to help people reach a better version of themselves so that they can be happier, and in turn share their positivity to create a better world.
“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi