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Detailed operation

  • One or two real case studies are discussed per 1 hour session;
  • There will be a schedule established so that each person or each clinic (if registered together) can take turns submitting cases;
  • Cases must be presented anonymously to the group in order to respect the confidentiality of the clients;
  • The coach (s) will guide the questioning and discussions in order to find possible solutions aimed at the source of the problem and affecting all aspects of the human being;
  • You can decide to address a condition common to your consultations, instead of a specific case;
  • Even if you do not present a case, you can participate in discussions and reasoning;
  • This group will allow you to better target your interventions and will show you how to use other disciplines for more effective results;
  • If you are a group, you can also learn to collaborate better.

Yes it's possible! Pricing will vary depending on the number of participants.

Discussions are held remotely via a web platform and the hours change depending on the availability of the registered group(s). Participants do not have to attend all the sessions, but none can be postponed at a later time if missed.